Meghan Tonjes Is Amazing by Dave Dixon

If you were to ask me what person has inspired me throughout my life, I wouldn't be able to list off just one. There's multiple. One of those people would be Meghan Tonjes.

Creator of the #bootyrevolution, Warden Tonjes, originally from Michigan, creates videos for not only her BB's, but for herself as well. She also runs a podcast with Daddy Keith called Adventures In Roommating where they, along with Meghan's amazing puppy Margot, rant about life in general, news, and answer questions from their BB's.

I know my lane. I stay in my lane. Occasionally I just give a high-five to other people in other lanes. I turn signal if I need to get out of my lane. Like I, I understand the rules of the road.

Meghan has taught me that what people say to you or about you are meaningless. During the span of her life so far, she has heard every fat joke that the world has to offer. You are not going to get to her. She has a wonderful attitude and approach to life and it shows through her videos as well.

If you would like to see some of her videos, you can click here.

Welcome by Dave Dixon

I would like to welcome everyone to my new website. I decided that manually managing everything was a giant waste of my time since I love procrastination.