It's 2018!

It is officially the New Year, and I have decided to change up the design of my website.

Everyone, as per the norm, is talking about what 2017 brought, the challenges they faced and what they want to change.

So what do I want in this New Year?

I want to continue my walks and working on my body.

Meghan Tonjes has always been a lovely inspiration towards body and body positivity. I decided to make a move and post a photo of myself shirtless in front of a mirror on Instagram and it was taken down within two hours. I reposted it and basically told Instagram to look at the other seven-million users on their network telling them off.

I want to put out some podcasts.

Meghan Tonjes and Keith Battista have a podcast out that is called Adventures in Roommating. I have always wanted to put out something like that. I don't know when exactly when this will happen but I really want to put the effort towards it.

I want my mail and packages to arrive at a reasonable time...

Looking at you, USPS. Come on. Chop-chop!